Shoyify DOCS WIP


Shoyify is a Vue 3 Component Library built on top of shoyo

shoyify is WIP! Not recommended for production


shoyo is primarily created for those developers who customise their project heavily without any huge css libraries like Bootstrap. shoyo adds a very basic styling for the developer to customize. It's a developer friendly library in a sense where customisation is done primarily. shoyify takes this priciple further by providing a simple and extremely light weight component library for Vue 3.

Why not Bootstrap ?

I'm a matured Bootstrap user and in my views It's great for the projects where the UI, Color, Feel and size is not a priority. It's ideal for fastrack projects. But after usig Bootstrap for a long long duration, I realised that my projects are built upon heavily customised Bootstrap. So when I deployed my projects, they are slow with unused css and not to mention jQuery. So i thought of creating shoyo as a css library with the most basic styling for me to customise upon.


Built for Vue 3 and rolled by Rollup for extreme performance.
Prop type Definitions and Intellisense in typescript projects.
Following the footsteps of shoyo, shoyify is extremely lightweight with Tree Shaking.
Full customizable with custom css and attributes.